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LuckyNick 2018-04-06

Last session was really profitable! Thanks!


so whats up with bitcoin? any ideas when it moves up again?


Thank goodness March is over. It was the hardest month ever! The whole crypto market fell, CFDs are constantly changing their trends, Forex also leaves much to be desired... I hope April will be better.

Fransua 2018-03-30

I used to be skeptical about signals, but you guys have convinced me! I got 150 pips for 2 weeks! Interactivepips, you rock!


Your signals are the best!


Crap, what's going on with gold today? I hope its price will get back till the end of the week!


I think oil is getting more interesting than crypto. Last time it reached $60 per barrel back in 2014!


Well, it's been ages since oil reached such indicators! I think it'll keep rising.


oil prices skyrocketed! i could make 200 pips for a week on them :)


awesome signals! made 170 pips for a week!


when will crypto go up?


I trade with brokers. Well, the good thing is that signals here are accurate. I could recoup and even multiply invested funds!


Guys, wtf with crypto?


Nice signals. I made 700 pips last month. I couldn't get such income on other websites.


i've been at interacticepips a while and i'm really satisfied. this site does do quality work


Gentlemen, can you recommend me a good broker? Mine is having eternal slippage, and I can hardly work with signals! :(

Mark Brown2018-02-19

I've noticed you've got less crypto signals now. What's wrong? Probably, its because of the trend reversed and volatility is high...


Bitcoin is under 15k. What next? I hope it'll be up soon.


Have u seen the crypto market? Holy crap! Whats going on there??

Larry Minteen2018-01-08

hella accurate signals! the beginning of the year is good so far! you clearly see the trend movement!


Signals are great! I recommend!


it was an awesome year! my profit was 2,400 pips for 6 months! thank you!

Chris Woodgate2017-12-25

Crypto is highly unsteady ahead of holidays, so you are responsible for its safety. Neither Jesus Christ, nor the Santa Claus, nor Vladimir Putin, nor Donald Trump will help you if you do something wrong! Merry Christmas!

Interactivepips 2017-12-20

Dear traders! Today, Interactivepips adds new signals for 4 currency pairs. Forex: USD/JPY and USD/CHF. Cryptocurrencies: IOT/USD and ZEC/USD. We wish you all a profitable trading!

Greg Saer2017-12-19

Your signals for silver are great! That's amazing how clearly you see the entrance and trend. I made 200 pips in 2 weeks.

H. Niang 2017-12-15

i'm very pleased to work with you

Mr Lucky Mark2017-12-15

crypto signals are just on fire! ive already raised $3k


Dear Brian, Yes, IOTA signals will be added soon.

Brian Klaff2017-12-12

Are you going to add signals for some other cryptocurrencies - apart from those that already exist?

Jack Richardson2017-12-10

Have you seen? Bitcoin is already 15k! I personally thought that it would fall after 10k and decided not to trust signals here. Now I regret. Next time I won't make such a stupid mistake.

Darnel Bugg2017-12-04

The previous month was perfect. I invested into Bitcoin, Euro and Oil and made a good profit. Thank you guys!

Clieff Cody2017-11-23

First of all, I read the comments of people who use signals here. I got interested, but didn't immediately believe them. So, I decided to check. And now I know for sure that they really provide high-quality signals. Thank you.

Aylwin Greek2017-11-22

After AUD fell, I earned 2k in 2 weeks! Finally, I can finish the repair.

Kevin Lord2017-11-17

Did you see how the oil price jumped over these days? And how successfully the PIPS gave a signal! It was the perfect time to raise profits!


for 2 days 270 pips, it's a fairytale!

Isamotu Olalekan2017-11-13

thank you guys for the quality work! with your signals, I can be sure that at the end of each week I will have a profit of at least 150 pips.

Van den Berg2017-11-09

I don't know how this is possible, but I've been using the signals for the 3rd month, and my profit goes up. You are cool! Thank you .


excellent signals! NOTHING MORE TO SAY.


h, btw, during the first month i received around 500 pips. honestly, i thought it was a coincidence. but next months' results - samewise! all recommendations from me for this provider. thx!

Oliver 2017-11-03

Well, since the day I have been checking and copying your signals I found it 80% profitable. Because of the time difference I follow your signals only 4 hours a day buts it is more than enough : ) Thank you, you really proved yourself the best signals provider : )


well, ive been trading for just 4 days and got only ... pips. honestly, i still have mixed feelings, but let's see how things go.


After subscribing to the Premium Acc, I'm very happy with your professional service. If you ever start offering more signals per day that will be great! ; )


you guys are great. i calculated around 70% accuracy over the last 3 months. thanks a million

God of Trading2017-10-30

Well, since the day I have been checking and copying your signals I found it 80% profitable. Because of the time difference I follow your signals only 4 hours a day buts it is more than enough : ) Thank you, you really proved yourself the best signals provider : )

Grace 2017-10-27

i'm not expecting 100% hit rate. but really, this provider is much better than i thought. signals are pretty accurate, you just need to understand your platform correctly.


Your service is amazing! I almost never miss a trade. Before I subscribed to the Premium, I also had had nice profits each month, but the premium account just doubled my income! Thanks gus, keep up the good work!

Mr. Smith2017-10-24

I've been getting your signals for a few months - they are good so far. Though it wasn't that easy first to use them because i kept missing a lot cos' of my regular job. Anyway, i've never seen such a professional service before! Subscribing to the premium account was one of my best decisions.


You guys really deserve a big applause for today's trading. Such a difficult market, and I've managed to get out with profit. Just wow!


I think that this is the only one page in the world that guarantee to you that you are working with professionals. I do about 20 trades a day and earn around 50 pips a day. That’s enough with 3 lot possitions I think.


My best result was 125 pips earned in one day, my worst result was 30. These are my statistics for the whole time I uses signals from here.


I must say i tried a few signals site and this is by far one of the best. Over 15 signals sent to me daily im really happy. Also, ive subscribed to the premium acc since july and i get over 600 pips in a month. Very professional and great analytics service. Thank u!


This is a good signal provider. I personally recommend to add InteractivePips to your list of signal providers. Very accurate and professional service! Impressed by the consistency of their signals and the timing of delivery.


Hello, Hecktor! Our website provides trading signals for 4 currency pairs - EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD.


Does your signal work for all currency pairs or for some limited currency pair?


you're the best guys! the month has just started, and i've already got 170 pips!

Harry Lucky 2017-10-10

Hi BEGGINER_MILLIONAIRE, Try to contact your mobile operator, I guess the issue is on their end. Personally, I've been using signals here for 1.5 month and I always get them in time.

Mike Jonson2017-10-09

Hi everyone! I'm a relative newbie and slowly learning to trade. I've tried a number of signals services that promised me the moon but if you analyse their results it comes out like 50% of correct signals. So using them doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It’s difficult to find a decent and reliable signal provider as the most of them aren't completely honest. I read good reports about this website and decided to try it. And wow, signals here almost never let me down - 80% accuracy so far!


sms signals sometimes come late. does anyone have the same problem or its only me?


I hesitated to subscribe to the premium account, but finally did it. On the same day, I put gold for sale - got $430 from 1 lot. That's amazing!


These guys are pros. I literally made profit in just a little over 1 week by using their signals


i registered here just yesterday and by the end of the day i got +61. it took me all day. kinda exhausting. but i think ill get used to it soon. good enough for additional income.


I've been registered on this site for a couple of months. I worked with signals, got about 30 pips a day. Everything was ok. BUT 4 days ago I decided to switch to the premium account. And you know what! I've made 140 pips for 3 days! That's super-awesome! Thank you guys!


I've managed to earn about 370 pips for September. Though I didn't trade every day because of my regular work. Seems fine to me.

James Nilson2017-10-02

Got a question! Does it matters when you subscribe to the premium account? I want to but I dont know when. Can I subscribe at any time or should I start at the beginning of the month?


I use free signals, and here is what we have: July - 264 pips, August - 472, September - almost 400. Not bad so far! I'm going to subscribe to a premium account.

Like a BOSS2017-09-29

Good service, I'm satisfied. I wish I received more signals though. So I could make more money... I'm not a pro when it comes to Forex. Besides, I have a regular job. So it's cool I don't have to spend much time on it. I get a signal, open a deal over my phone - and it works!


I trade only on weekends. 400-600 pips is my stable profit.


Hey there! Can anyone tell me how often I can get SMS-signals?

Lee Chong2017-09-26

SMS-signals are super-convenient! Even if I'm away from my laptop, I know I won't miss anything.

Mr. Lucky2017-09-25

They ain't let me down yet. Let's see how it goes.

my name is Success2017-09-24

I usually open positions when the signals on my own strategy match the signals I get from here. I do a lot of successful transactions this way - and I hope it won't change!


If one uses signals correctly, they may be very useful. You just need to rely on our own mind and intuition as well - then everything will be alright.

Sebastian 2017-09-21

First, I was just eyeing and testing this service. I traded in small lots because it seemed less risky to me. But then I decided to try a bigger amount. Well, it was success!

Mr. Gregory2017-09-20

Excellent signals and excellent profitability. Very high quality customer support. Minimal losses. Good job, guys!

John Brown2017-09-20

I've been using their signals for almost 6 months. My deposit is big enough, so I prefer not to take risks. Fortunately, I get around 600 pips a month, and it's absolutely great!

Jeremy Tens2017-09-19

Great signals! I earned 78 pips for them last week.


I want to trade dashcoins. Are there sites that support them?


Are your signals suitable for metatrader? I want to try, but I do not want to change the broker

Gregore Dawny2017-09-12

Do you work with crypto platforms?

John Mambizwe2017-09-11

excellent experience! keep up good work!


Where can i trade with those signals?

david gross2017-08-31

somebody knows a good broker to trade with??

Harjula Jani2017-08-29

bitcoin is the craziest asset to trade!!


The signals are good but it is hard to know when to exit the trade though it is very good technical analysis for education

Patrick Heinz2017-08-26

Never tried trading signals before, thought that trading on my own is fine with me. But signals really improved my trading. Since I’ve signed up for the signals my rate of successful deals is growing rapidly. Great job!

Raza Shakil2017-08-22

Your signals are the best, signing up for premium!

Amanda Sumners2017-08-13

Not that I had high expectations signing up for your signals, but 85 in one day proved me wrong.

Kevin Voorhees2017-07-27

excellent private sessions with interactivepips traders!

David Glassen2017-07-02

U rock, guys!


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